How's it Work?

Our goal is to make grocery shopping experience Safer. Faster. Fresher!

1) Select the products you'd like to purchase, select a pickup time, and pay online.

2) Come by our market at 17 Fort York Blvd during your scheduled pick up time.  We kindly ask that you follow the social distancing measures put in place on the patio. 

3) When you get to the Confirmation Window, indicated by a Green Box on the window, please:

  • Show Order Number
  • Show ID (If Purchasing Alcohol)

4) When clear, please then proceed to the Pickup Area.  We will have order brought out and left on the table. 

5) Grab your order from the table and enjoy your day!

NOTE:  We will be constantly working on improving offerings, so please let us know items that you'd like to see, and we will work hard to bring them in!